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Software & Automation Process Engineer


  • Improvement of current Applications, equipment interfaces and Databes for the NLR production sites.
  • Development of new Applications and equipment interfaces to the NLR production sites.
  • Support the NLR manufacturing department in regards to Data management also debugging R&D equipment at the competence centre.

Obect of the job;

  • Monitor, improve and develop applications that support production processes in all sites of the NLR-division with the goal of introducing and improving the Data management of the manufacturing processes.
  • Torrow understanding of the production process in regards to maintain and develop new APP’s.
  • Equipment debugging of the competence centre in Evere.

Main accountabilities: 

  • Interfacing with Engineering- and production- department.
  • Technical leadership with regard to the NLR applications. Software programing & automation & data capturing
  • Maintaining databases and APP’s of NLR-division.
  • Work independent in resolving problems related to the databases and APP’s.
  • Eager to learn production processes and understand human nature to avoid faulty data capturing of the process.
  • Continuously Improving in all arreas of responsibility. Kwonledge of Lean is an added value.
  • Prepare required documentation both at the program level and user level and maintain records to document revisions.

Qualifications or Competency requirements:

  • Knowledge:
  • Bachelor in Automation Engineering with & software programing.
  • Preferable 2+ year of experience in working with Microsoft .NET environment.
  • Programming and statistical techniques
  • Languages: English – Dutch - French
  • Good understanding of Visual Basic and .NET programming environment
  • SQL-database querying in VB, MYSQL is a plus
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills & team player
  • Strong Problem-Solving ability
  • Verry meticulous in performing the work
  • Ability to code, test, implement, and maintain software, analyze changes, and software design