A career as unique as
you are.

At Vishay, you can define where your career will go and we will support you. Whether your goal is to be a...

  • Subject matter expert
  • Manager or leader of a business unit
  • Project manager and collaboration driver
...we offer career growth fueled by mentorship from experienced leaders, formal and informal training and development, opportunities to explore a variety of roles and experiences, and a stable environment in which to grow.

Building your experience.
Along with the freedom and support to build your unique career, comes responsibility.  Career advancement is earned, not given, at Vishay. Some of the attributes of successful Vishay employees include:

  • Self-driven and hardworking
  • Intellectually and culturally flexible, curious and eager to learn
  • Excited to give, and receive, a challenge
  • Have strong integrity & ethics
  • Thrive in a teamwork environment

We welcome you to identify new opportunities, take chances, and show your ability—speaking up and stepping up will open doors to leadership, cross-team, cross-functional, and cross-border experiences that will define and redefine your development.

Training, development, and mentorship
You have the ability to explore a niche product, be a generalist in the industry, focus on the inner-workings of the company, and more because of the breadth and depth of Vishay's global operations. You will have training and development, both on-the job and in formal settings, to prepare you with the skills you need, and mentorship from your leaders to help you put your opportunities in perspective and identify and take on new challenges.

Vishay will be here for you
Our financial stability, as well as our strength in the industry and our markets, offers you a unique opportunity – to grow at a company that will be here as long as you are. We are innovating the components that form the DNA of the latest cutting-edge technologies, and yet weather the fluctuations in the technology economy by being well-positioned globally and emphasizing technical performance, reliability, repeatability, and quality.

Your benefits at Vishay
We recognize that your work is just part of your life, and we want you to have the support you need to bring your whole self to your work. That is why you will find benefits for your life and your career at Vishay.  While the exact employment benefits you receive will depend on the country where you work, worldwide we offer a personal wellness program and tuition assistance for your continuing education.

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