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Looking for a way to make a big difference in the world? Join us! Since 1962, we have been innovating and producing the bedrock technology that empowers innovation in everything from aerospace to telecommunications to medical devices to energy production. Anywhere reliability and quality is a must for electronic componentry, Vishay is the go-to, worldwide. Here are a few examples of how we impact the world every day.









Patient safety is paramount with Vishay.
As health care systems grow more complex, the need to protect patients from harm also grows. Vishay optoelectronics play a key role in this space. To guard against electric shock and other hazards, our optocouplers provide reliable safety isolation in medical devices, and proximity and ambient light sensors helps precisely control medication doses in infusion pumps. To prevent the spread of infection, our infrared emitters and receivers detect the presence of hands for automatic sanitizer dispensers, while a UV LED is used to sterilize surfaces. And to increase hospital efficiency, our infrared emitters and receivers enable real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff, and patients.









Life-improving medical intervention, thanks to Vishay.
Parkinson's is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects a person's movement. Even enjoying a morning coffee can be a challenge due to uncontrollable tremors. Millions of people live with Parkinson's and there is no known cure, but many symptoms can be controlled—usually through often costly medication that must be taken for the rest of a person's life. But, this no longer has to be the case thanks to breakthrough medical technology helping to give people greater control of their body movement through electronic continuous stimulation to the brain. Vishay's TM3 and TM8 chip capacitors are providing improved performance and reliability in just such technologies.









Vishay is at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.
Vishay resistors are key components in critical lifesaving equipment, such as ventilators for patients afflicted with COVID-19. They are also playing a role in controlling the pandemic as a part of new testing technologies designed to help curb the spread of infection — a top priority for public health officials. For example, Vishay’s high voltage thick film chip resistors are being used in portable test systems that can be used in physicians’ offices and urgent care clinics to deliver results more quickly to patients.









Robot vacuums navigate a complex world with help from Vishay.
Robot vacuums are a welcome addition to a home because they are extremely efficient at what they do. Except for emptying their bins, they basically run themselves. While they may be easy to use, there is surprising complexity to navigating an environment like your living room. They must avoid “cliffs,” such as stairs; detect when they run into coffee table legs or couches; and find their way back to the dock when done cleaning. Optoelectronic technology from Vishay makes the intricacies of navigation possible. In fact, robot vacuums couldn’t get anywhere without them.









Smart wireless sound, brought to you by Vishay.
Have you ever wondered how your wireless ear buds know to turn on when you put them in your ears? And how do they know they’re in the case for charging? The answer to both questions is proximity sensors featuring infrared emitting diodes, which can detect the presence of your ear or the case. But not just any infrared emitter will do. The solution must combine an ultra-compact footprint with extremely low power consumption to save space and extend battery life. Vishay’s TS9414 high-power, surface emitting diode does both. And that brings music to your ears.









Feeling great in the morning: safer, better sleep.
Sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening disorder affecting millions of people. It causes a person to pause breathing, or experience periods of shallow breathing, while they are asleep. Many people rely on a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to keep their airways open. But, what if a person's CPAP machine loses power while they sleep? What a CPAP machine needs is an absolutely reliable back-up power source and strong power-outage alarm to keep a person breathing while the alarm wakes them up. Enter the Vishay 196 HVC series of hybrid energy storage capacitors. They are small in size, but have a high current capability that won't degrade from repeated charge/discharge cycles over the lifespan of a CPAP machine.









Vishay resistors rescue Ferris wheel at state fair.
The Wonderfair Wheel is North America's largest travelling Ferris wheel—it stands 15 stories high and has 36 gondolas—and it relies on large breaking resistors for smooth deceleration and ride safety. In August 2017, it was set up in advance of the Wisconsin State Fair, but the pre-event safety inspection found that the existing resistors were failing and needed to be replaced...immediately. Vishay Milwaukee had the resistors in stock and delivered the eight needed, as well as two extras, on the same day. The Vishay RBSF1500 1.5kW resistors performed perfectly—and fairgoers were able to enjoy the Ferris wheel, including many Vishay staff and their families.

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