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Manager Mfg. Automation Engineering (MAU) M05

Danshui, CN, China | Manufacturing Engineering

Job Description

The Mfg. Automation Engineering (MAU) team provides value add by:
Analyzing assigned processes in plants (including Sub Con plants) with respect to enhance the level of automation and efficiency.
Designing automation concepts and drafting respective business cases for investments.
Selecting, evaluating and eventually implementing automation technology, in cooperation with vendors.
Managing, executing or contributing to automation projects, steering involved service provider and approving deliveries.
Taking care for documentation and compliance of all automation processes, and also for training of staff.

A manager at this level:
Manages specific operational workstreams in order to contribute to the implementation of technical infrastructure.
Sets up the work schedule and organize the team respectively.
Provides guidance to team members with respect to the operational processes and procedures.
Supports team actively in setting up non-routine processes, calibrating new equipment, etc.
Clarifies workstreams for the team, with responsible management or project lead.

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