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Dir Operations Plant Mgmt

Juarez, MX, Bermudez 2, Mexico | Operations

Job Description

Ensuring compliance with production plans and production line outputs and keeping production assigned overall efficient.
Adhering or ensuring adherence to relevant internal work instructions, safety rules and applicable regulations (e.g., EHS).
Planning or contributing to unit's budget, allocating resources and keeping manufacturing cost as planned.
Executing, supervising or managing manufacturing front-end processes as assigned, according to specified procedures, e.g.:
* Preparation of wafers, components or semi-products and monitors related on-hand stock.
* Processing components or semi-products/products according to specifications and quality standards.
* Cooperating with maintenance technicians and/or external service providers in repair issues.
A job at this level…
Manages a range of different functions in a separate section of operations (i.e., plant, operation area, or similar).
Takes on agreed budgets (mainly for specified investments and operational costs) and monitors effective utilization.
Implements, optimizes and ensures utilization of technology and standards, in cooperation with specialized service departments.
Sets organization related goals, and monitor efficiency and effectiveness of operations.
Ensures adherence to all regulatory guidelines mandatory for the processes under control.

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