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EHS Officer

Responsibilities (Accountable For)

  • Assist liaison with relevant government authorities w.r.t. various EHS legislations e.g., DISH, MPCB, CGWA etc.,
  • Assist for EHS statutory submission.
  • Identify and communicate new EHS legal requirements. Evaluate legal compliance and take appropriate compliance actions as and when required.
  • Assist for maintain legal register stating applicable EHS legal requirements.
  • Implementation of EHS management system ISO 14001, ISO 45001 at site. Assist in EHSMS documentation.
  • Implement Vishay IEHS corporate standard at the plant. Evaluate the compliance and take necessary actions for effective implementation.
  • Assist in EHSMS auditing (internal/external/corporate), certification audits, property risk assessment, etc.,
  • Conduct onsite audits/assessment for service provider’s assessment with EHS perspective. New vendor development for EHS requirements as per requirement.
  • Waste management at site including collection, segregation, storage, transportation and disposal/sale of hazardous/non-hazardous and other waste, re-use/recycle of waste. Prepare MIS.
  • Assist in EHSMS MIS preparation and submission to Vishay IEHS corporate.
  • Monitor and enhance performance of pollution control equipments, e.g., dust collectors, STP, ETP, scrubbers, etc.,
  • Conduct EHS monitoring and measurement, MIS preparation.
  • Develop training module and conduct training and educational programs for employees related to EHS.
  • Evaluate chemical safety at site. Design chemical safety program and implement it across the plant.
  • Conduct walk-through EHS audits for all operations.
    • To observe the physical condition of work and the work practices and procedures followed by workers and to render advice on measures to be adopted for removing the unsafe physical conditions and preventing unsafe actions by workers.
    • To advise concerned departments in planning and organizing measures necessary of the effective control of personal injuries.
    • To check and evaluate the effectiveness of action taken or proposed to be taken to prevent personal injuries.
  • Assist Safety Committee chairman to conduct safety Committee meetings periodically and maintain minutes of meeting.
  • Record, Monitor and analyze incidences related to EHS. Investigate accidents, dangerous occurrences reportable as per legal requirement. Maintain necessary records.
  • Maintain and ensure up-keep of equipment’s identified for emergency preparedness. Prepare onsite emergency plan and periodical review the same. Conduct mock drills to check for emergency preparedness and take corrective actions as required.
  • Authorized to issue work permits with onsite verification as per the job requirement.
  • Organize EHS campaigns, competitions, contests and other activities, which will develop and maintain the interest of the workers in establishing and maintaining safe conditions of work.
  • Participate in Vishay EHS global programs as and when required.