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Quality Engineer - 276

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Title: Quality Eng./Sup I

Place of Operations: Juarez

Reports to: Quality Manager

Plant: All


Classification: 01 IF

Level: 9

Job Code:

Department: Quality




Supports quality management in the implementation and maintenance of quality systems, such as ISO9000, ISO / TS-16949, or any other system that applies to the needs of the company.

Reacts to problems related to the quality system, frequently needing to make contact with customers, suppliers and other internal departments of the company. Preserves up to date on the statistical techniques that are used in the industry to be able to respond to the needs and requirements of the customers. Elaborates and specifies the quality criteria in transfer of new products or processes, supported by the Product / Process Engineer.







Direct and supervise all quality control inspectors.

Provide training to quality inspectors on system and customer requirements.

Alert quality inspectors on customer complaints notifications.

Involve all quality control inspectors on the containment and corrective actions.

Performance evaluations.

Administration of people on five manufacturing shifts.

Supervise all quality control inspectors to advise them on the best way to perform their job.

Pay roll and administrative issues.


Support to the Quality Management systems, such as ISO9001 and ISO/TS-16949

Support and implementation of the 2015 requirements of  ISO9001 and ISO/TS-16949

Provide advice to the users of the Quality Operation System documents.

Audit process and inspection procedures to assure their conformance and suitability.

Review Corporate Quality requirements to integrate in our Quality Operation System

Development of Corrective Actions for customer audits.



Participate with the multidisciplinary team in the elaboration of FMEA and Control Plans

Coordinates the elaboration of PPAPs’ and APQP’s applicable requirements.

Perform studies to the measurement system such as GR&R, Bias, stability, linearity, etc.

Lead SPC initiatives and provide advice and training to the quality inspectors and productions employees as it is required.

Development of Control Plans and Inspection Instructions.

Design and implement inspection methods to achieve special customer requirements and prevention approach.

Determines the required inspection equipment to properly develop the inspection according to specifications.

Approve and release to manufacturing areas new or transferred equipment from other plants.

Determines the required inspection equipment to properly develop the inspection according to specifications.

Design acceptance/rejection gauges to facilitate product inspection in the quality areas.

Elaborates and specifies quality inspection methods and acceptance criteria for the transfer of new products.

Lead SPC initiatives and provide advice and training to the quality inspectors and productions employees as it is required.

Handle the military and commercial specifications requirements to elaborate special tests when they are required by the customer.



Perform Cpk studies for al SPC control charts implemented in process.

Keep updated SPC techniques utilized in the manufacturing process.

Reacts to problems related to the quality materials provided by suppliers.

Handle and manage daily issues related with the quality of the product and initiate corrective actions as required.

Follow up of containment and corrective actions implemented for internal problems.

Implementation of automotive, military and commercial products specifications. Schedule tests required for applicable specifications.

Responsible of the administration and disposition for Maverick lots.

Responsible of the administration and controls of MRB’s.

Process audits to assure the manufacture of products according to the Control Plan and Job Instructions established.

Stop production line under the detection of mayor problems that can affect quality of products and customer satisfaction.

Participate in quality improvement projects, through statistical methods to reduce the variation of controlled or uncontrolled processes.

Assure the follow-up and application of process procedures of production, maintenance, materials and engineering areas

Work with engineering and production to reduce scrap and PPM’s results.

Interacts with involved personnel to achieve Key Performance Indicators of the plant.

Promote initiatives to improve Quality Costs.

Coordinates the product audits per automotive requirements including lay out audits.



Coordinate development and implementation of Corrective Actions.

Updates Control Plans and in process instructions as required.

Development of Lessons Learned.

Entire Management of the corrective actions status generated due to customer’s complaints.

Performance charts and track of External PPM´s due to customer complaints and RMA´s

Follow up of containment and corrective actions implementation.





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